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RMX Express Suites

To accommodate different business sizes, we offer RMX Express in 4 different suites;

Basic, Link, Lite and Enterprise, using 3 different concepts in regards to the technical set-up.


RMX Express Basic – for 1 plant
This package includes RMX Express for one plant. All you need, aside your plant of course, is one PC with RMX Express installed on it and you are ready to operate your plant efficiently using all the features RMX Express offers you in this Basic package.

Basic high resolution.png
Link high resolution.png


RMX Express Link – for up to 5 plants

RMX Express Link is designed to operate up to 5 plants without the need to invest into a Server. The 5 plants as well as branch offices (depends on your business set-up) and/or a head office belong to the same Work Group and are interconnected through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) whereas every PC has its own Database.


RMX Express Lite – for up to 20 plants

If your business has somewhere between 5 and 20 plants without an immediate plan to expand beyond the threshold of 20, RMX Express Lite is the right package for you. In RMX Express Lite all plants and the Concrete Dispatch Center, if you have one, are connected to a central server located on your premise. In this set-up the entire operation is permanently online and all data real time.

Lite high resolution.png
Enterprise high resolution.png


RMX Express Enterprise – for more than 20 plants

In RMX Express Enterprise we are talking really big business with more than 20 plants and virtually no upper limit. Technically the set-up is the same as in RMX Lite with a central server on your premise, it’s just that in the Enterprise package that server is much more powerful in order to run smoothly and fast even with hundreds of RMX Concrete plants.


RMX Express System Prerequisites






Operating System

Production environment:
Windows Server 2012 R2
Client PC: Windows 7 Professional or higher

PC workgroup
Windows 7 Professional or higher connected through Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Standalone PC:
Windows 7 Professional or higher


Server centralized database:
SQL 2014 standard
PC application: SQL 2014 Express

Distributed SQL
PC application:
SQL 2014 Express

SQL Express
PC application:
SQL 2014

Integration mode

Online & offline mode (in case of a
communication interruption system will
auto sync when connection is restored)

Scheduled data
base replication




Android 5.0 or later.
Best viewed on tablet with 7 inch screen or larger. Supports
online & offline mode (in case of a communication interruption
system will auto sync when connection is restored)



Important Note:
All hardware (PC, Server, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Network Infrastructure) and software licenses (Windows, Microsoft SQL, Virtual Private Network) are not part of RMX Express and need to be purchased separately from a third party vendor.

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