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Concept & Integration

RMX Express is a highly specialized software for the Ready Mix Concrete business. RMX Express allows you to handle the full “Quotation-to-Cash” cycle of RMX Concrete booking, planning, order distribution, truck allocation, batching and delivery, as well as invoicing. RMX Express is an integrated software working online with real-time and scheduled data management. To guarantee uninterrupted operation and prevent data loss, RMX Express can work offline in case of a network failure and supports post-network-failure data auto-synchronization.

No matter whether you manage one plant or hundreds of plants, RMX Express connects it all and provides the visibility and agility you need to run your business time and cost efficient from Order Taking throughout the process of Planning, Batching/Dispatching, Progress Monitoring, Reallocation of orders to different plants, or different trucks, Paperless Delivery Receipt, up to the final step of Electronic Invoicing. In addition, RMX Express supports Raw Material Monitoring and Replenishment Management.

RMX Express Concept and Integration.png

Centralized or remote order taking, plant allocation and dispatch

If your plant(s) are operating independently, the plant staff can take orders directly at the plant and manage them in RMX Express. If you have a centralized order taking operation, then the staff at the Concrete Dispatch Center (CDC) will take the order from the customer and allocate it to the nearest plant. A centralized operation will plan the deliveries of all plants and has the ability to move an order from a plant whose production capacity is fully booked to a plant with free capacity. A centralized operation can also reallocate trucks from one plant to another when needed.

Split total order quantity into truck Loads

Splitting the total order quantity into the necessary number of truck loads is done by RMX Express based on a few parameters such as the maximum load volume per truck. The operator then allocates the truck loads to available trucks and plans the delivery schedule based on distance from plant to site and expected unloading time. RMX Express displays all orders and their planned delivery schedules in an intuitive overview.

Optimize Planning & Scheduling

Based on specific parameters of each plant, RMX Express is aware of the maximum production and delivery capacity of each individual plant. If the order volume of a given plant is exceeding its production capacity at any given time, the operator will see how much order volume will be above the plant's production capacity at what time. The operator then can take the necessary actions to defuse the risk of potential delivery delays and avoid all the other hassles that come with it by either renegotiating delivery times with a client, or by reallocating some orders to the next closest plant with free production capacity, or reallocating some trucks if the problem was just a delivery capacity shortage, not a production capacity issue.

Simulation of new delivery scenarios with Dynamic Scheduling (drag and drop)

In a complex business environment like Ready Mix Concrete, it is sometimes not easy to figure out whether moving one order to be delivered 90 minutes later will solve all the bottle necks or just one and create three others instead. The Dynamic Scheduling feature in RMX Express addresses this issue by allowing to simulate new delivery scenarios by simply dragging orders on the timeline and dropping them on a new time spot. RMX Express then rearranges subsequent deliveries and the operator can immediately see the new overall picture. If the move has resolved the issue, the operator can confirm the new scenario. If not, the operator can try something else.

Interface with batching equipment or existing batching software

RMX Express can be interfaced directly to your batching equipment. We call it RMX Batch and it includes 6 step admixture, automatic bin switching, automated batch compensation, automatic scale tolerance checking, over and under tolerance interlock, emergency mode with data recovery, integrated batching control and confirmation with real-time update to raw material inventory management system. If your batching equipment already came with a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) and you want to keep this, then RMX Express can integrate with your existing PLC (Koyo, Omron, Wago and Siemens are supported).

Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) and E-Invoicing

Even though RMX Express lets you print out a delivery ticket right after the batching process, we encourage you to go for the paperless delivery. Not only does it eliminate the troubles of papers and printers, it above all, allows you to speed up the process of invoicing and thus getting paid faster. Rather than to wait for the truck driver to bring you back those pieces of papers with the signature from the site manager, which you then may forward to your accountant to combine them into a single invoice to your customer, just let the site manager sign the electronic ticket on a mobile screen.

In case of e-Invoicing, RMX Express will receive the invoice data from your ERP system, “attach” an electronic copy of all tickets to the file received from ERP and then send this document to the customer via email. Whether you invoice your customers daily, weekly, monthly or by any other parameters depends on the set-up in the ERP system.

Raw Material Replenishment Management

RMX Express can be connected to raw material storage sensors or weight bridge application. Based on the real time information from these sensors about available stock and the planned orders in the system, RMX Express knows at any time how much raw material needs to be ordered respectively how long the stock on hand will last. In case of a centralized operation, the raw material requirements of several plants can be consolidated, allowing you to place larger orders with your suppliers, giving you a price negotiation advantage.

Recipes Management

Your RMX recipes are stored in RMX Express and used for batching and raw material management. In a centralized RMX Express environment, you can select which recipes should be available for sale at which plants.

RMX Near Real Time Dashboard

RMX Express dashboards allow you to monitor your business operation at a glance at any time and from anywhere. Our proprietary RMX Business Intelligence Suite is called RMX Insights and provides you with Executive and Management & Operational dashboards updated every 15 minutes, so you can monitor your plant’s operational performance.

Integration with GPS Truck Tracking System

Managing your plant operation and distribution is good and RMX Express makes it a lot easier, but to do a really efficient planning and follow up you also need to know not only where your trucks are at any time, but also what they are doing. RMX Express is ready to connect to your existing GPS Truck Tracking system, or to our in house developed truck tracking software TERMINUS Fleet Management System which includes not only truck location tracking, but also truck activity monitoring, driver safety features, anomaly alerts and much more, especially designed for the Ready Mix Concrete truck

Integration with existing ERP systems

RMX Express can be integrated with your existing ERP system to ensure a seamless process flow between your RMX business and your background operations.

Plant Maintenance System

You may not like it, but sometimes a plant has to shut down for a few hours for maintenance work or repair. Especially in a centralized order taking and allocation set-up it is important for the operator at the center to know when a specific plant won’t be available. RMX Express supports planned plant maintenance as well as emergency shut-downs. Upcoming maintenance dates and times can be entered in the system by the plant and RMX Express will automatically block orders to be allocated to that plant for the specified maintenance time. In case of an unexpected plant shut-down, the plant can input the expected time of the shut-down and the operator at the center of order taking and distribution can react accordingly by redistributing and rescheduling the orders.

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