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RMX Express

The End-to-End Software for the modern Ready Mix Concrete Plant Operation and Distribution

RMX Batch

  • Batching Operation Managment (supports Omron, Koyo, Wago, Siemens)

  • Modbus and TCP Protocol

  • 6 step additive control

  • Automated batch compensation

  • Automatic scale tolerance checking

  • Automatic bin switching

  • Over and under tolerance interlock

  • Emergency mode with data recovery

  • Mixer gate control by mix design

  • Maintenance spare part counter and warning by quantity and date

Booking & Delivery Management

  • Quotation Management

  • Sales Order Management

  • Booking/Reservation

  • Credit Checking

  • Smart Plant Allocation

  • Billing and Invoice Management

  • Ticket Design Toolkit

  • Scheduling Management (Load and Truck Assignment)

  • Plant Work Load Monitoring

  • Automatic backup of Sales Orders (Business Coninuity Plan - BCP)

  • Ticket information interface to 3rd party Quality Management System

RMX Web Portal

  • Product and Mix Design Management

  • Price Management

  • User Management and Authorization

  • Interface Data Traffic Log

  • Daily sales report auto emailed to single or multiple users

RMX Dispatch

  • Fleet Optimization and Truck/Load Scheduling

  • Plant Operations (Multi-plant management)

  • Dynamic Scheduling (drag & drop)

  • Plant Capacity Planning

  • Vehicle Fleet Management interface with 3rd party GPS system

RMX Insight

  • RMX Dashboard with 10 KPIs

Smart Delivery & E-invoice

  • Electronic Proof of Delivery (e-POD)

RMX Quality Management

  • Raw material error tolerance setting by plant and customer

  • Work flow email notification

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